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Kistock 50 Data Sheet Kistock 50

Multifunction transmitter

The multifunction sensor C310 gives you the possibility to display from 1 to 4
parameters simultaneously, thanks to its inputs for 2 interchangeable probes
and 1 location for a differential pressure sensor.

Kimo C310 Kimo C310

The KIGAZ Series

4 new models of combustion analyzers

  • Efficient analysis with 2, 3 or 4 interchangeable cells
  • Custom analysis with customizable and integrated procedures
  • Intelligent analysis with auto-zero in the duct, interchangeable probes


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Model DBM 610

Digital Air Flow Meter

  • Ultra-light and ergonomically designed, the KIMO Air Flow Meter DBM 610 is easy to use, quick
    and efficient. It has a large digital display, integrated handles and many interchangeable hoods
    with a unique transparent window to improve visibility.


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Two models: DS200 and DS300

  • The DS 200 is especially made to measure noise exposure of an employee working in a loud
    environment and thus output an integrated measurement over a period of time in order to
    conform to health and safety norms in the workplace.
  • The DS 300 offers a two channel option.


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